The Architecture Academy competition

WON 1st place with these three renders in the The Architecture Academy competition in the category exteriors.  The deadline was 14 october 2013 and we have 6 weeks to do the work.

The Architecture Academy is an online training course. You can see more about it here It will re-open to new students around April 2014, at which time there will be adding new bonuses and modules to the course.

The house exist in reel world in Canada. It is designet by  MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects  I found some plans, facades and one crossection I drew the model from.

Final Shoot_01


Final Shoot_02


Final Shoot_03


Here i som work in progress renders.


First render. No materials yet.



The modelling of the building took about one week. Fist render with glassmaterial on windows to better see the buildning.



Here is my first render with rocks, water and materials on the building. To make the sand and groundtexture i used different textures from cgtextures and used texturepainting in Blender to mix them.



One of the hardest part to make it so it looks reel and not fake was the rocks and stone.

Also painted at watertexture. Added seaweed and trees. The trees i the only objects i didnt modeled by myself. It was from af modelpack in the academy that was allowed to use for this competiotion. All other object i  modeled specifically to this scene. The grass i made by modeling some lovpoly blades of grass, and then used the particlesystem with different settings and seeds to make it more randomly.



One of the last thing was to change the sunposition 180 degres because didnt think the ligtning was interesting enough before. I also change the rockmaterial again and texturepainted new texture.


Modeling, texturing and uwmapping: Blender
Render: Cycles 1600 samples
Pospro: Blender and Gimp