Scandinavian Kitchen animation

Some time ago i modeled this kitchen in scandinavian style and made some stills but want to se if i could get more out of the scene and also improve my poor animationsskills.
The scene is rendered in Cycles 1100 samples as 16 bit png files. One of the biggest problems on animations is always noise and flickering.  To get rid of some noise  i used Bartek Skorupa`s denoiser nodesetup in the compositor. You can read more about the node setup and download it here.
The rendertime for each frame was between 12 to 50 minutes rendered on 2 GTX Titans 6gb. I took about 600 hours to render all the 7 shoots.

To bring all the shoots together i used Blender compositor wich become more and more powerfull. The setup look like this. Videoediting setup

The music is Chopin Nocturne Op. 27 No2 in D flat minor played by alianello.